Summer Italian Caprese Salad!

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Summer Italian Caprese Salad


Here's an amazing new recipe for you to use at any summer get-togethers! Lettuce salads can be a mess to toss when you’re making a big one for a large group of people. They also wilt when they sit out for too long. Caprese stays fresh for hours, and the vinaigrette and basil continue to flavor the tomatoes as it sits! Best of all, it's so simple to make it's almost impossible to mess up…seriously!


What you'll need: 
– 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
– 2 packages of grape tomatoes (sliced each in half)
– 12 ounces Mozzarella Cheese balls (diced into pieces)
– Fresh Basil Leaves (shredded)
– 1/4 cup Olive Oil
– Kosher Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper
– Just toss all of the ingredients together and serve! Yes, it's that simple!

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